Passed From Pillar To Post

The CMHT rang me earlier, they’re not sure if I fit their referral criteria as they are not sure that I am suffering from a “severe and enduring mental illness”.

I told them that my GP wants me to be referred. They said that they cannot accept all GP referrals. I then said that I wasn’t initially referred by my GP, I was initially referred by the duty psych at UCH because I attended A&E. They said that said duty psych refers a lot to ease their conscience.

I asked what would happen now… they said they didn’t know but they would be in touch, but in the meantime to keep the appointment with my GP on Friday and to keep taking my medication.

I said I wasn’t on any medication because my GP wanting me to be assessed by the CMHT and get their opinion before re-prescribing anything.

They said that if I wasn’t taking any medications then I couldn’t be that ill and therefore didn’t require CMHT intervention. I put phone down.

*Slams head against wall*


PS. Someone found this site yesterday by searching for “depression cmht cpn” – please don’t use the above post as any indication for yourself!


2 Responses to “Passed From Pillar To Post”

  1. exactscience Says:

    Ah pillar to post, it sucks and happens too often, stick with it. A bit like computer customer service you will butt heads with a string of folk who will shrug and not want to help but eventually you find someone interested and willing to help.

    Poor metaphor but I lost Phoebe – named after Holden’s sister who is the smartest person he knew, that and I’m a dork – for a few days and the experiences felt a lil analogous

  2. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for the support. It just annoys me because I wasn’t so sure about being re-referred into the mental health system in the first place but A&E, the duty psych, my GP and the CPN who rang me from the CMHT the first time round all convinced me it was a good idea.

    So I psyche myself up into thinking it is a good idea and that some support and help will aid me, and then I get the rug snatched out from under my feet, again!

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