phone post

sorry this will be a short post but it is coming from my mobile phone.

i came back to london and the beginning of the week after a disasterous time away involving an o/d and cutting myself and ending up in a&e, i stayed in overnight for both.

i rang my mum who bought me my train ticket home and arranged an emergency appointment with my psych at the end of the week. i am now in a psych unit – voluntarily – and don’t know how long i’ll be in for. i have leave next week as i need surgery to repair the nerve in my arm after i cut it, but after that i’ll be back in hospital.

am quite scared and un-nerved by the whole event.



4 Responses to “phone post”

  1. janey Says:

    I am so, so sorry to hear you are going through such a terrible time. I have been checking in here daily and have been getting worried when you didn’t post.I sincerely hope you are getting well looked after and things improve for you soon. My thoughts are with you lovely. xx

  2. Drömmare Says:

    Glad you are getting help Ruth, hang on in there, thinking of you x

  3. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for caring both of you.

  4. kathy Says:

    I’ve just started reading your blog and I love it. I thought it was only me who could feel like this. I’m so sorry about your troubles but thank-you for helping me to feel less alone. Kathy

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