Discharge & A Treat

I am being discharged on Wednesday!!!!!

I get to meet my CPN tomorrow afternoon as he’s coming into the unit and we’ll arrange a time to meet when I’m discharged tomorrow. Scared about meeting yet another new person though, I’m not good with introductions.

My psychiatrist thinks I am bipolar with borderline traits. I apparently still exhibit symptoms that can be classified as bulimia (damnit!) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (trichotillomania and dermatotillomania – compulsive hair and skin pulling/picking respectively). I am to keep on with the new medication routine for the foreseeable future.

As a treat my Mum has booked tickets for me to see the Terracotta Army at the British Museum on Thursday. She did this as soon as I told her I was being discharged, which is so sweet. She knew how much I wanted to go and see it.

More soon,



One Response to “Discharge & A Treat”

  1. exactscience Says:

    The more people you meet the easier it gets; you’ll get more adept at telling your story and such.

    Does this mean you are now a Moody? or are you still in “the too soon to say really” stage?

    Glad to here you are getting out soon, gosh the prison allusions are rife – CPN=parole officer 😛

    Also good to here you have something to look forward as soon as you get out.

    Take care

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