It never rains…

Saw the orthopaedic consultant at the Chelsea & Westminster this afternoon. He thinks I have ruptured the posterior tibial tendon and fractured the navicular bone in my foot. This means I have to have an MRI scan on my foot and ankle asap. Luckily he thinks the pin and plate are still intact on the lateral side, but until we have the MRI results, no one knows how to treat it. It could mean more surgery, or they may inject dye into my foot and then scan the ligaments etc. to assess the damage, but this means checking my kidney function etc. Part of me hopes it’s just badly sprained, but with the pain and deformity I’ve got I know it is something more serious.



6 Responses to “It never rains…”

  1. exactscience Says:

    Course it pours you live in London.

    Sounds pretty painful, so when is the scan? If it is more serious then I hope it is a minimal one. Take care

  2. Ruth Says:

    Says the man who comes from the West of Scotland… pot, kettle, black?
    The scan is booked for tomorrow morning and then have a follow up appointment on Friday morning.
    The reason I’m scared is because it’s all happening so, so quickly and things never usually happen quickly on the NHS round here.

  3. exactscience Says:

    Dah-ling please. I do not come from the West of Scotland.
    I come from the East, I grow up in the West – my parents wanted me to be a good swimmer (and I was).

  4. Ruth Says:

    Scotland – it’s all the same 😉

  5. exactscience Says:

    Touche. I travel an hour by train and I’ve gone coast to coast.
    In Lahn-Dahn town that is maybe a borough

  6. Ruth Says:

    Fair point. Although an hour out of London on a proper train (i.e. not the Tube) can get you a fair way. Plus Scotland is the narrowest point of the UK, so that counts for nothing!

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