Up and down more times than a yo yo

Or how my moods seem to be changing rapidly. This could be down to messing with my medication, in order to lose weight. Then again the weight loss could be attributed to throwing up continuously as a result of the chemo I started late last week. Who knows. I just know I feel shit. Will do a longer post soon. Ruth


4 Responses to “Up and down more times than a yo yo”

  1. intothesystem Says:

    so you did post this multiple times! I couldn’t tell if wordpress blog surfer was being silly or if you had.

    Take care 🙂

  2. Alison Says:

    I thought my eyes had gone wonky then!

    Ruth take care of yourself…

  3. Chouette Says:

    I thought it was Google reader… take care of yourself

  4. dumpedbyahallucination Says:

    Nah, I quite like it – it’s like a kaleidoscope. And I like what it does to the recent posts column! The multiple posting, I mean. Not anything else.


    Suzy x

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