Voodoo Doll: Back Home And Not Being Prodded With Needles Anymore

I am alive. Still feel pretty rough but back home.

I was admitted to hospital on Friday with chest pain, hacking cough, shortness of breath and severe tachycardia. Being a cancer patient with a low immune system due to chemo they took it all quite seriously and admitted me. I had a chest x-ray which came back clear (thank goodness) so it wasn’t pneumonia, an ECG, numerous arterial blood gases (very painful, not at the time but the bruise left from having a needle in the radial artery is spectacular), IV fluids to rehydrate me and try and bring my pulse down, on constant oxygen as my saturated oxygen levels were only 90% on arrival and constant observations.

They discharged me on Sunday with the diagnosis of a viral chest infection which has led to pleurisy and pericarditis. I’m on antibiotics to ensure nothing bacterial is growing in me and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories which is the treatment for pericarditis.

However, on Monday night I was coughing badly and couldn’t catch my breath again. In turn I fainted and cracked my head open so ended up in A&E again. It’s been glued and steri-stripped but they decided to look into the cough/breathlessness/chest pain again. This meant another chest x-ray, more bloods, another set of blood gases, another ECG and more sitting around until they determined it wasn’t a blood clot or anything sinister.

Back at home now and determined to stay here for a while. The cough is easing but the chest pain is still sore and occasionally catching my breath is hard. I have bruised wrists from the blood gases, a bruised head from cracking it open and bruised elbows/hands from having blood taken and venflons put in and out. In short, I look distinctly un-sexy.



4 Responses to “Voodoo Doll: Back Home And Not Being Prodded With Needles Anymore”

  1. Lola Snow Says:

    I was just thinking about you this morning. Sorry to hear things have been shitty, but its great that you are home again. Fingers crossed that you get a lucky break now, you are definately due one! Good on you for finding the energy to write a post too!

  2. Immi Says:

    Ack, that sucks. I do hope you get to stay home and recover from all that!

  3. Alison Says:

    I hope you will be feeling better soon Ruth x

  4. colouredmind Says:

    Hope you feel better soon. X

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