Not Waving, But Drowning

Finding it very hard to keep my head above water at the moment.

Ended up in A&E again yesterday having self-harmed.

Required many, many sutures.

Crisis Team refused to come out and see me saying I was already on their caseload and to contact my CPN.

Allison is away on holiday next week.

Been closer to suicide today than I have in a long while.

Just want a magic wand to be waved.

Edit: Rang Crisis Team, as it details in my care plan, to be met with a suggestion to have a hot bath. When I said I couldn’t due to number of sutures then was told to listen to some relaxing music. I detailed what had happened today and the person on the end of the phone just said “can you not wait until Monday to contact the CMHT?”, I said that I felt I needed support now and they said “well I don’t see what you think we can do for you”. Helpful, to say the least.


4 Responses to “Not Waving, But Drowning”

  1. Disillusioned Says:

    If I had one, I would be waving it right now.

    Sorry the Crisis team aren’t able to come out. Are they still phoning you? Is Alison going to call you today? what about the other CPN you can call – can you get in touch with her today? It sounds like you could really do with some support just now.

    Gentle hugs – please be safe.

  2. Chouette Says:

    I have no magic wand either, but if anyone finds one I promise I will let you jump ahead of me in the queue for wand wavage. Keep safe Ruth x

  3. Immi Says:

    Oh good grief. I hope you can get hold of the other CPN. Sending hugs!

  4. eccedentesiast Says:

    Crisis team seem wholly unhelpful. Sorry that things are bad. Back home the hospital phones have gone down and it’s the same number for the crisis team/CMHT etc (I only know this because my mum’s been trying to call them)

    They’re bloody hopeless when you need them.

    Please take care x

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